Explore Trucks, Cranes, Loaders,
Forklifts, Graders, Compactors…

18 -21 November 2024 / Dhahran Expo, Dammam, Saudi Arabia


Explore Excavators, Utility Vehicles,
AWPs, Rollers, Concrete Machinery…

18 -21 November 2024 / Dhahran Expo, Dammam, Saudi Arabia


All in One Place at the
Heavy Equipment and Truck Show

18 -21 November 2024 / Dhahran Expo, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The Exhibition

The Heavy Equipment and Truck Show stands as the premier regional trade exhibition dedicated to heavy construction equipment and commercial vehicles.

Given the critical role of heavy machinery and transportation in the Saudi Arabian economy, this event promises to offer a wide variety of solutions that will drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability for operators across a huge number of sectors including construction, oil & gas, mining, logistics, transportation, and more.

This event promises an immersive showcase across various segments. Encompassing Earthmoving Machinery, Heavy Lift Machinery, Material Handling Machinery, and Power Equipment, it also features a diverse array of Commercial Vehicles.



Participating in the HEAT Show in Dammam provides unparalleled access to the thriving Saudi construction market, whether through exhibiting, sponsoring, or hosting a workshop.

With the region witnessing a surge in mega-projects aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, exhibitors gain a unique platform to showcase products, connect with key industry players, and capitalise on lucrative business opportunities.



Dammam’s combination of economic significance, connectivity, and alignment with key development initiatives makes it a prime location for hosting this exhibition.

The gateway to the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and a hub for industries, Dammam offers the perfect backdrop for the HEAT Show. The event underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation and growth in alignment with Vision 2030, aiming to diversify the economy and promote sustainable development.

As the exhibition seeks to contribute to the growth and innovation in the construction sector, being in Dammam positions it strategically within the framework of Saudi Arabia’s broader economic vision.

Co-located Show


Co-located with the International Construction & Interior Design Expo, CIDEX 2024. The show will take place at Dhahran Expo from 18 – 21 November 2024 covering the spectrum of products and services required for the construction, design, fit out and upgrade of residential, hospitality, office and retail spaces.

CIDEX 2024 is a regional platform for local and international companies, to capitalise on the immense opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s robust construction and interior design market which currently stands at 45% share of the total Middle East market.

Currently, there are $284.3 billion worth of projects in the early stages of development in the Kingdom, with over 1.2B sqm planned area to be developed by 2030. The stimulus behind this is the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 which plan to move the economy away from oil profits, is driving construction activities in both residential and non-residential segments. This in turn is driving the demand for construction products in the country.